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Exclusive Wedding Photography & Videography

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, we capture every joy of your sweet moments that you and your beloved one can remember and cherish.

Establish Production offers the premier Wedding Photography and Videography Studio. You will earn wedding photojournalism influenced by fine-art and fashion photography. Your results will be creative, clean and crisp wedding artistry that’s romantic, fun, and emotional. Besides being a photographers, we are also a master of LIVE CAM WEDDINGS with a concept of “Same Day Result”. You can get your Wedding Videography done right away on that day.

Wedding Photography

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The Wedding Day Photography May Include

Wireless CamVideographer

2 Photographers
2 Videographers
Drone Video
Same Day Edit
Instagram Edit
Live Cam 3 Camera
Projector Laser 5000 Lumen
2* 55″ TVs
and many more

Every wedding is unique, let’s be in touch to discuss your needs.


Planned and organized
The day works as planned and organised. All the crews came early and professional. They all fun to work with but yet each individual are very responsible. We couldn’t ask more for how the day goes by.
Arthur & Andrea

Super recommended
Gak nyangka foto prewed kami jd epic banget, dengan bantuan bro edwin n team lokasi outdoor danau lotus summarecon bekasi yg sangat terbuka disulap jadi seperti didalem studio foto dan berasa lg dibali. Saya dan pasangan yg mix culture batak, chinese, jawa, minang plus danau smua bisa representasiin dan ditampilin difoto prewed kami. Dijamin dgn establish special moment jd satu kenangan yg tak terlupakan dgn hasil foto yg epic bgt. Thanks bgt buat bro edwin n team yg bisa mengeksplore lokasi foto prewed kami dgn sangat pro dan hasil foto yg luar biasa.

Koko & Puti

Super service

Ko edwin sebagai owner terjun langsung untuk mengawasi jalannya acara agar semuanya berjalan lancar…kru2nya juga mantap semua…peralatan yang dipakai high end semua…bintang 5 da
Abraham Aholiab Gunawan & Lorenty Klaudia

Super awesome and fun photographer!
Edwin is such an awesome engagement photographer who is willing to go above and beyond for us! Edwin has been treating us more than just a client where he would entertain our concerns or exchange opinions about anything that is not even in his job scope (eg, picking on my dresses, cakes, etc). He is also very creative with his ideas and I love his non-mainstream ideas! One of my most favourite photo concept was when he did light painting for my engagement shot, out of the ordinary!!! Also, he is very energetic and enthusiastic when he shoots, keeps the spirit up specially when you have a whole day of shoot. Super fun and witty guy too, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

Evelyn Sandra & Jeffrey

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Berawal dari sebuah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang Broadcast Equipment Rental, PT.

Indomedia Pekarsentosa, berdirilah sebuah anak perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang produksi fotografi dan videografi yang dinamakan Establish Production.

Wedding photography Jakarta

Establish Production menyediakan jasa foto pernikahan untuk Jakarta dan sekitarnya yang dikerjakan oleh fotografer profesional berpengalaman. Dengan harga wedding photography Jakarta murah untuk service yang diberikan, pasangan pengantin dapat merasakan pengalaman dokumentasi pernikahan dengan kualitas live broadcast yang setara dengan broadcast stasiun TV nasional.

Paket foto wedding

Paket fotografi pernikahan yang disediakan Establish Production bisa fleksibel dan mengikuti kebutuhan pasangan. Sebagai anak perusahaan service rental peralatan broadcast nasional, Establish Production mampu memenuhi sejauh apapun kebutuhan dokumentasi momen spesial pernikahan Anda. Karena fleksibilitasnya, harga paket foto wedding bisa menyesuaikan kebutuhan pasangan.

Jasa video shooting wedding

Establish Production memosisikan diri sebagai jasa fotografi pernikahan lengkap beserta video shooting langsung (live cam) dengan harga yang terjangkau. Tim fotografer berpengalaman kami memiliki equipment lengkap. Video shooting pernikahan dari Establish Production akan mendapat perlakuan "Same-day Edit" sehingga pasangan bisa mendapatkan hasil rekaman di hari yang sama.